Women recommended that as little as possible to look in the mirror: the reason

Женщинам рекомендовали как можно реже смотреться в зеркало: названа причина

Reducing the number of inspections your reflection in the mirror and has a positive effect on women in the psychological aspect — in particular, they have increased self esteem and reduced dissatisfaction with appearance. To such conclusion came researchers from the University of Florida, said in an article in the publication Medicalxpress.

“Women concerned about their appearance can enhance your self-esteem, reducing certain kinds of behavior, specifically checking of mirrors,” stated the scientists.

The researchers found that in total there are 14 types of behaviors related to appearance, including a thorough going-over of the skin, hair, body and disguise certain aspects of the appearance and comparing my appearance with other people. Experts have observed how manifest these aspects, the group of subjects women.

After that they told the participants what types of behavior related to the appearance, they are characterized and recommendations for their correction. In particular, those women who spend looking in the mirror a lot of the time, I got advice to do it less often. Reminders with this advice they have been receiving over the several weeks via SMS.

As a result, said the scientists, “women that have reduced the number of inspections of her appearance, showed a significant reduction in psychological problems related to the rating of appearance”.

“We found that compared with the group that were not asked to change their behavior, a restriction of this behavior, such as inspection in the mirror, will reduce problems with appearance, body dissatisfaction, depression, social anxiety and inappropriate beliefs about their appearance”, — cites the opinion of the authors.

Experts believe that the same approach can be effective for men who do not give rest to their appearance.

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