Women warned about the dangers of skinny jeans

Experts have warned women about health risks often wear tight jeans. This garment is much in demand, but few people aware of its dangers.

Женщин предупредили об опасности узких джинсов

Because of wearing tight jeans can develop a urinary tract infection occurs when harmful bacteria getting into the urethra. This is usually expressed by pain in the intimate area, frequent urination and the appearance of blood in the urine. There is also the risk of ringworm that also applies to men. The problem manifests itself as a red rash and severe itching, and if ignored, symptoms can spread to the thighs, groin area and anus. Skinny jeans threaten women disorder of the vulva that is accompanied by burning, throbbing, and even itching. Usually particularly acute problem is felt in the course of sex or use of tampons.

If you constantly wear tight pants that can develop a yeast infection. In addition to the rash, it is also possible cheesy discharge. Usually it is better to consult a doctor. Another threat is meralgia paresthetica. It develops when skinny jeans pinch the nerve on the outer thigh, leading to pain and numbness.