Women’s horoscope for October 2019

Женский гороскоп на октябрь 2019 года

October promises to be eventful and bright. Following the instructions of the astrologers, women of different Zodiac Signs will be able to spend the month with the maximum benefit and change your life for the better.

Starry sky will be covered with diverse rare combinations that will turn October into a kaleidoscope of events. If the first half of the month will be indicated by the movement of Mars from Virgo to Libra, which will begin to incline to peace, harmony and concessions, in the second decade will join Venus in aspect with Uranus, setting us in the strife and quarrels. However, you have a choice: to follow what is happening as an observer or to play a major role in this intricate plot.

Aries Woman

Women rams in October, it is better not to engage in conflict and take on only the feasible tasks. Quarrels will lead to disorder, because to prove his innocence would be almost impossible: the militant and aggressive Mars is debilitated in Libra. Patron literally everything to appeal to the courage of Aries, honesty and rashness. However, the best results will bring the ability to manage emotions. Unspent aggression will stand in good stead to work on yourself and your body: it will splash out with the help of art and sport.

Taurus Woman

In October, representatives of the Calf is waiting for a lot of small problems, unresolved conflicts, and the frequent desire to drop everything and run off somewhere. But the best strategy is to arm yourself with composure and take your time leisurely Affairs and the knots. While Venus moves through Scorpio, from October 8 to November 1, before the Taurus will stand responsible task, requiring the mobilization of forces. Good work with your own aura will provide them with everything necessary.


Women-the Twins will get a good benefit from the stay of mercury in Scorpio. Creativity and enthusiasm help fulfill dreams. Astrologers suggest Twins to be active in all the cases, even in those in which they usually take a passive position. Do not be afraid to look strange or hasty: mistakes will be easy to fix, and the best prospects radically changed life. In relationships should listen to women’s intuition and not to forget about loved ones, trying to change his life.


Active Jupiter suggests that Cancers throughout the month of October will cover the powerful energy. This is a perfect time for marches, breakthroughs in career, passionate Affairs, personal achievements. It is important to reduce contact with negative people and avoid the showdown: high chance of spending too much energy. At the end of the month, you may receive the fatigue and energy depletion — the classic reaction of the long excitement.

The Female Lion

The selfishness of the Lionesses — the phenomenon is rather positive. He forces the representatives of this constellation to make a fair and generous actions, to achieve success and to sacrifice their comfort for the sake of self-realization. But while the Sun is in Libra from 1 to 22 October, egotism can be an obstacle to reach the goal. It is advisable to become softer and closer to the close to control his emotions. Astrologers suggest that the Lionesses to Wake her femininity. This will help effective practice, shopping and Dating.


Unreasonable anxiety, which will accompany the Maidens in the beginning of October to the middle may be replaced by nervous excitement. Mercury in Scorpio will force you to feel that time runs too fast. To deal with pessimistic thoughts will help close contact with something sublime. From 3 to 31 October is a great period for soul-searching, practices, meditation, reflection. It is important to note that the Dev will increase dramatically the chances to settle past grievances and establish new relationships — friendship or romantic.

The Woman-Libra

The September new Moon will continue to affect women-Libra in October. Its impact will affect all areas of life. That is why astrologers have called the beginning of October a good time for a fundamental metamorphosis. Scales not ready for radical change, can do less ambitious plans: a change of hairstyle, style of furniture in the house. Even these seemingly insignificant little things dragged in by an avalanche of changes. However, their quality will largely depend on the mood Scales. Astrologers recommend to maintain good spirits at least until October 20.

Scorpion Woman

In October, the constellation Scorpio will visit mercury and Venus, giving representatives of this Sign illumination, big secrets and little secrets that you do not want to disclose. The more gently Scorpions will make this information more noticeable changes their lives and relationships with others. So you should be particularly cautious when conversations and gossip. In addition, Venus can bring the Scorpions from 8 to 31 Oct nostalgic but dangerous greetings from the past. The right attitude will help to close the old and start a new Chapter in my life.

The Woman-Sagittarius

Astrologers suggest women archers to remember the dreams, but also about everyday life not to forget. This month your attention will require quite mundane and practical matters. It is advisable to look to their own health, income, and expenses. This action plan will help the archers not to lose control over the situation. October will be held under the patronage of Jupiter, and that means it’s time labour. In addition to the pleasant feeling of accomplishment, the Archers will be rewarded with improved internal state.

The Woman-Capricorn

The goats in October, can deal with paradoxes and choices. Patron Mars in Libra in a weak position, and that, on the one hand, a big problem, and with another — a great opportunity. They have not been the only illusions will have to make the effort. In this month many women-Capricorns expected partial or complete change of course. There will come a feeling that ended the previous period and starts a new one. Astrologers advise not to go with the flow, and to prioritize and take matters into their own hands.

Aquarius Woman

The middle of autumn under the influence of retrograde Neptune will breathe in women Aquarians thirst for creativity. Making a choice between the boring routine and complex but interesting plans, it is best to take both. With proper organization of life and energy with a strong enough force on everything. In addition, the activity of the planet, the protector will make the representatives of this Sign attractive to the opposite sex. This is a great time for love Dating. By the end of October increased risk of internal problems, so do not forget about rest and relaxation.

The Woman-Fish

October will be marked by the mystical and mysterious inspirations for Fish, however, sometimes a broken mirror is just a broken mirror. Astrologers warn women of Fish from the excessive suspiciousness and distrust. It is not necessary to see all bad omens and oppressive signs. Otherwise, starting from 10 October to replace suspicion comes unreasonable annoyance to others and themselves. So Fish will react to the movement of Venus in the constellation Scorpio. It is very important to remain neutral to Intrusive thoughts did not lead to serious conflicts.