Women’s horoscope for the week from 11 to 17 November 2019

Женский гороскоп на неделю с 11 по 17 ноября 2019 года

Every woman must have a few trump cards for any occasion. Women’s horoscope will be a faithful companion: he will tell you when to listen to my intuition and when to be firm.

This week many of us will feel a strong influence of mercury, which is in a retro phase. Will have to accept: it will last until the 20th. To soften difficult period, astrologers recommend not to begin new Affairs and not to make important decisions, although restless Venus in Sagittarius, will bring in us the spirit of adventure. When it moves through this Sign, we always want to change their lives, and irrevocably and dramatically. So the influence of planets in mid-November, has a dual nature. What awaits your Zodiac Sign? Looking for an answer in a female horoscope.

Aries Woman

Better to eliminate the cause in the Bud, then to avoid conflict or stress. It is important to pay attention to others: be open to dialogue, to become warmer to the close people and not to say too much. Negative emotions are dangerous, they will knock a huge dent in the aura.

Taurus Woman

Venus will awaken in Bodies emotionality and sensitivity, which the astrologers suggest to pacify, or at least brought under control. This week it is particularly important that all the decisions were correct and deliberate, so you should include logic and intelligence to the maximum. Attempts to explain the inexplicable will turn a lot of strain, and the result is not worth the wasted effort.


Mercury retrograde gives the green light to the determination and daring to change. Largely women Twins to take big. They will be successful at work, in love and work, and the decision to Excel in all spheres probably will not force themselves to regret. A bit of charm, combined with cunning and logic — here’s the perfect recipe for achieving the desired mid-November.


Astrologers tell to representatives of Cancer in mid-November will take at least a small part-time planning family and friends. Correctly distributing the forces and things in each of the areas, Cancers can avoid the energy traps of Mars. This approach will add strength and energy that will help to cope with stressful situations and emotional problems. Effect will increase if you manage to find time for spiritual practices.

The Female Lion

The sun in Scorpio shows that the charm of the Lionesses this week will be on top, and they are in the focus of public attention. Behind them will be closely monitored and to note their progress. Such attention is sure to bring fun and ignite the passion. Astrologers suggest to use this week to accomplish your goals and desired height. However, if unclear, should think twice whether to risk stability for the sake of a fleeting impulse. To resist the temptation not to face the noble Lions.


The retrogradation of mercury is going to hurt Virgo: this week, they will be too self-absorbed. At this stage you have to forcibly pull yourself out of this apathetic state. You can’t take the day off from life, but you can turn awareness and tune in a philosophical mood. Around will be many details that will tell you the way to happiness, the main thing — do not miss these tips in mind.

The Woman-Libra

Venus in Sagittarius will ignite passion, feelings and, unfortunately, the fears. For this reason astrologers advise women-Weights to increase self-esteem and learn to control anger, to devote a week to training and self-improvement. Everything can be resolved with a calm conversation, not a confrontation. Not worth wasting energy on unnecessary doubts, conflicts and aggression, much nicer to conduct a constructive fight with your competitors.

Scorpion Woman

The presence of mercury and the Sun in Scorpio indicates that the representatives of this Sign have no reason to doubt yourself and your decisions. Any emotions, feelings, thoughts, and feelings, which will arise this week is not cause for embarrassment, and the driving force that will help to realize the most daring ideas. Women Scorpions in mid-November, it is very important to be on top and not be afraid of initiatives.

The Woman-Sagittarius

Born under the auspices of Sagittarius can’t sit still: Venus in their Sign, and hence, the chances of success are very high. Even if you get out of the comfort zone is not desirable, it is important to find the power to shake things up: in the energy sector will be affected the most positive way. Good mood and confidence in yourself will give others. Quite often to go out and socialize: it can bring you luck and positive.

The Woman-Capricorn

Mercury in retrograde motion will make in the lives of women-Capricorns adjustments, so from 11 to 17 November, the representatives of the Sign is better not to hurry and look for the essence of the problems. Meticulousness and scrupulousness will save you from rash decisions, sharp observations and stressful situations. It is important to get life under control: innuendo, unresolved issues, unfulfilled promises — all of this you can’t leave until December.

Aquarius Woman

Representatives of Aquarius it is important to be on top: possible success in work or in dealing with the opposite sex. Attention now deserves every little thing. Astrologers suggest to make an inventory of their actions and spend free time on Analytics. Positive and negative emotions, prolonged and surfaced the problems of the past, the Aquarians will be able to obtain interesting insights about the present.

The Woman-Fish

Venus in Sagittarius, and thus capricious fortune finally goes to the side of the Fish: a lot of things well and will have a positive impact on quality of life. Astrologers advise to take a chance and achieve the desired goals. Now is the most crucial and important time in which Fish will sum up the outgoing year. Venus will help complete a long, haunting thing.