Won the dog of the alligator: Florida man fought with the reptile for a pet

One of the residents of Florida rescued his dog from alligator, pulling her from the jaws of reptiles. This writes Fox News.

Отвоевал собаку у аллигатора: во Флориде мужчина сразился с рептилией из-за домашнего питомца

Photo: Shutterstock

Trent Tweddell was walking with 6-year-old dog Loki on their farm in Wesley chapel, Pasco County (FL), Monday, June 8, in the morning, when the rescue dog “became front paws in the water” and it attacked the alligator with a length of almost 13 feet (4 m).

Tidal, former Sergeant of the headquarters of the army, engaged in battle with an alligator for my dog.

“I grabbed the dog’s collar to try to pull it back, and I got into a “tug of war” with the alligator, and the alligator is not released, he said. — I let go of the collar, jumped into the water and started beating on the head of an alligator while he in the end did not let the dog”.

While Tidal cost minor scratch, Loki was left without a front paw and needs surgery.

“When I pulled it back, was visible to the bone, said Tweddell. — They inserted a metal plate and screws. We hope that after this he will be able to fully use their legs.”

Now Tweddell is so determined to catch the reptile-offender that he set a trap with fish and wildlife of Florida.

“The traps do not have bait, so I grabbed one of my roosters, and we used it as bait for a trap, he said. — I love my dog and I will fight like hell for her.”