Wore tea Nastya Kamenskih and lived in a hostel: Lesya Nikityuk told about the first steps in the career…

Носила чай Насте Каменских и жила в общежитии: Леся Никитюк рассказала о первых шагах в карьере...

Popular TV presenter Les nikitiuk, showing slender legs in a short dress in Paris, told me what she had to work early in his career. Before becoming a presenter she had to change a few professions, and fate has brought her to television. Les took an administrator in the famous vocal show that it was the whim of the stars.

“I worked in the pavilion, on the first season of “the Voice of the country” by the administrator. I wore tea Nastya Kamenskih. I still remember the fit, saying: “Nastya, tea, coffee?”. She says: “Oh, Mas, make me tea.” I bring her tea: “Mas, you’re without milk brought me tea?” — shared memories of Les in the program “Ukrainian senses”.

The girl from Khmelnitsky in Kiev, rented a house in a remote residential area Darnitsa — DVRZ.

There in the hostel of the plant “Arsenal” I rented my first room. The terrain is very dangerous, a lot of poor people who abused alcohol” — confessed Les.

Work Les returned late, around 11 PM. She even had to pay extra to the local guys that didn’t touch her.

Les soon left the ill-fated district. Stubborn girl succeeded. She starred in the WHC, went to auditions and acted in Comedy shows, was leading several projects.

Bright speech Les were remembered in the team “Tornado Deluxe”.

Les also won the jury and audience in the show “Laugh comedian”.

People’s love and popularity brought her show “heads and Tails”.

Now Lesya Nikityuk has several projects on the New channel. Soon will be the premiere of her new show “Le Bus”.

She brags stay on expensive foreign resorts, showcases chic outfits and svelte figure in a swimsuit.

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