Work in IT, national holidays and mutual support: how to live the community of Kyrgyz people in the United States

USA is a multiethnic country and everyone here finds its place. About how to live the Kyrgyz people in the United States told the publication Weproject.

Работа в IT, национальные праздники и взаимная поддержка: как живет сообщество кыргызов в США

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31-year-old Bakytbek Tatibekov, born in Osh living in USA for almost 10 years. Works as a programmer and developer of mobile applications.

Hereinafter in the first person.

I grew up on American movies. And when I decided that I would move abroad, never even considered any other countries besides the United States. Lived here for almost 10 years.

About life in the United States

A big plus of living in the States — if you have the necessary skills, you always and everywhere will be able to easily find a job.

I live in Virginia, work as a programmer in one of the local insurance companies.

I always wanted to live closer to Washington. There is the Embassy of Kyrgyzstan. Moreover, in the district of Columbia held a lot of events that are associated with IT.

I also like the climate in Virginia. In winter the snow here is much less than in new York.

Most Americans lifestyle similar to the lifestyle of the Kyrgyz people. They get up early, doing physical exercise, teach children charity, not to steal and not to hurt others.

Local often make donations. Ordinary citizens in the States doing it for a good reason, just to help someone. I like it. In Kyrgyzstan the common people also helps the poor and needy.

About compatriots

In the US there are a lot of compatriots from Kyrgyzstan.

I am glad that in the IT sector of Kyrgyzstan has become much more than it was a few years ago. We often talk, see each other at conferences, and discuss issues concerning further development of IT communities in the United States and Kyrgyzstan.

Abroad for the support of compatriots. Because we understand each other, discussed the problems associated with our country.

We do not forget the national traditions. The older generation celebrates the national holidays and respect the customs. We always go to him when we have events.

In different States celebrate Novruz, tushoo kesuu and other holidays is not only family, but also at the level of the Diaspora.

We also have a group in Facebook “Kyrgyzstan in new York.” It will help you find compatriots in any US city.

How did the move

I realized one thing: it all depends on yourself. If something went wrong — blame yourself, do not blame others failures. If something is achieved — it is the result of your efforts.


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