Worked with 11 U.S. presidents: the former Butler of the White house died of coronavirus

Former Butler to the White house, Wilson, Roosevelt Jerman died of coronavirus at the age of 91 years. He began his career when Dwight Eisenhower, and finished as the Maitre d ‘ Barack Obama, all he had to work from 11 US presidents, writes the BBC.

Работал у 11 президентов США: бывший дворецкий Белого дома умер от коронавируса

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Germana noticed Jackie Kennedy, the wife of 35th U.S. President John F. Kennedy. Then he worked as a janitor, and the first lady helped raise it to the Butler. “She did all that to happen,” he told his granddaughter Jamila Garrett Fox 5.

Decades later, another first lady — Michelle Obama — has published a picture of him in his book of memoirs Becoming (in Russian translation “Becoming. My story”).

In response to reports of the death of Germana Michelle Obama said “she’s lucky to have met him”.

“His kindness and attention to Wilson Germano decades helped first families, including our family, feel at home in the White house”, — quotes its statement to NBC.

The feeling of victory

“His desire to help others, his desire to do everything possible for the country he loved, and for people, whose lives he was present, represented the spirit of his generation,” Obama said.

My condolences to his family on Twitter expressed another first lady and former U.S. Secretary of state Hillary Clinton.

Работал у 11 президентов США: бывший дворецкий Белого дома умер от коронавируса

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Wilson Jerman died of coronavirus at the weekend.

He began working at the White house in 1957, when the President was Dwight Eisenhower, and finally retired only in 2012. goodbye President Barack Obama gave Germani several memorial plaques with the names of each of the presidents with whom he worked.

German remains an important figure for the experts, studying the history of African Americans and their role in the political life of the country. Like many of his generation, he took advantage of one of the few positions that were available to him at the time, Corita says Mitchell out of Ohio University, author of “From slave shacks to the White house”.

Racial segregation in many American States had until the middle of 1960-ies, discrimination on the basis of race was only finally banned in 1968.

According to Mitchell, Wilson Jerman was probably very happy that his career ended when this leader of the United States. He worked for Obama — “worthy President and also African American,” she says and adds: “I think he took it as a victory.”


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