Workers in Ontario went on strike in response to the protracted negotiations (PHOTO)

Работники Онтарио начали забастовку в ответ на затянувшиеся переговоры  (ФОТО)

Tens of thousands of education workers across the province of Ontario began a campaign to “work strictly by the rules” to put pressure on the provincial government and seek concessions in contract negotiations.

The Union representing over 55,000 technical, clerical workers and educators throughout the province, made this statement yesterday evening after the weekend was interrupted by the procedure of compromise.

Representatives of the trade Union Council schools in Ontario at the CUPE (Canadian Union of civil servants) stated that staff will cease to work overtime and take on additional responsibilities.

Education Minister Stephen Lecce said “deep disappointment” in connection with the fact that the negotiations to anything nor led.

He said that the government’s priority during the campaign “work strictly by the rules” is the safety of students.

Contracts of public school teachers Ontario education workers expired on August 31, and the main trade unions are at various stages of negotiations.