World anti-doping Agency has responded to the possible refusal of the US to Finance the organization

Всемирное антидопинговое агентство отреагировало на возможный отказ США финансировать организацию

The us Office of drug control (DEA) called on the U.S. Congress to consider the withdrawal of funding to the world anti-doping Agency (WADA).

The fact that in the United States require reform to WADA, and there is unhappy “too soft” attitude of the organization to Russia.

In accordance with the report of the office, this year, the United States contributed to the budget of the WADA 2.7 million dollars, much more than any other country (total budget of the organization – 37.4 million). Given this fact, in the United States are dissatisfied with the fact that the leadership of WADA too few Americans, and it is disproportionate to the amount that a country invests in Agency.

In turn, WADA responded to the message of the Agency within the Ministry of justice.

“WADA should not be controlled by only a small number of rich countries. Athletes who compete against athletes from the USA, coming from all over the world. So that the American athletes should follow the same strict rules as everyone else”, the statement quoted WADA to Reuters.

Thus in the anti-doping Agency believe that you need presented in different countries and all athletes will abide by the rules, including American athletes.

“In order to abide by the rules, we need representatives of various countries. The proposal to allocate space in WADA in accordance with the amount of their monetary contribution makes no sense. If we do that, many will lose their representatives in the Executive Committee that will benefit the world of sport. Would the Americans support the idea of the presence in Congress of members only from the wealthiest States?” – added to WADA.

It is worth noting that the US has a place in the Foundation Board of WADA, but they have no representative in the Executive Committee, and none of the Americans is not included in the senior management team of the organization where you are 17 members, and the Committee of the WADA, where 12 athletes.