World Cup in Qatar: Strasbourg, first French city to boycott

World Cup in Qatar: Strasbourg, first French city to boycott


The City of Strasbourg, in eastern France, is the first city in the country to take the decision to boycott the FIFA World Cup in Qatar and will not show the matches on screens giants as usual, due to the many criticisms leveled against the Middle Eastern country.

Twenty other French cities have followed suit by deciding not to broadcast the matches in “fanzones”, generally established in the big cities to follow the World Cup.

The decision was taken last week by the mayoress of Strasbourg, indicated Owusu Tufuor, elected municipal official in charge of sports at the City.

“We are in an approach where we take into account human rights, the rights of employees, but also and above all the climate issue”, he explained on Friday at the microphone of QUB radio.

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The decision to hold the World Cup in Qatar in November and December has drawn widespread criticism over the use of air conditioning in stadiums and the exploitation of immigrant workers, according to several organisations. non-governmental organizations.

Fear for 2026

The French elected official also questioned the organization of the next World Cup in Canada, the United States United States and Mexico in 2026.

“Now is the time to think about the organization and how we are going to do for the movement of populations on both sides to go and watch the match,” he said.

“When you look between Montreal, Toronto and see Vancouver, if we put four teams in your country and the teams have to move between these places, you can see that that’s a lot of people who will have to move and we can’t simply not tolerated that,” said Mr. Tufuor.

In June, FIFA announced that Toronto and Vancouver would be the Canadian hosts of the 2026 World Cup. The metropolis of Colombia -Briton had been able to join the selection process after the withdrawal of Montreal, in July 2021, following the withdrawal of financial support from the Government of Quebec.

Remember that this edition of the Mondial will involve the most largest number of national teams ever seen, 48. The matches will also be played in three cities of the M Mexico and 11 from the United States.