“World record”: the old Lady paid 24 million euros for hung for many years in her kitchen masterpiece

«Мировой рекорд»: Старушке выплатили 24 миллиона евро за висевший много лет на ее кухне шедевр

The old lady in the kitchen which for many years hung a painting by the Italian painter of the XIII century, became multimillionaires after the painting was sold at auction.

Reported by the Associated Press.

«Мировой рекорд»: Старушке выплатили 24 миллиона евро за висевший много лет на ее кухне шедевр

The painting “the Mockery of Christ” painted by Cimabue in the size of 24 by 20 cm, was found in June this year in the house of an elderly resident of compiègne in Northern France. It was hanging between the kitchen and dining room. The painting was sold at auction for a record amount.

The auction was held on October 27. The painting was sold to an unknown buyer near the city of Chantilly, France, for € 24 million.

The representative of the auction house Acteon by Dominique Le Coant stated that this sale broke the “world record for primitive art or paintings created before the year 1500”.

The former owner of this painting will get the most from the proceeds. According to Le Cuenta, experts in the field of art had expected the painting to be sold for 4-6 million euros. However, they were wrong, as works painted by Cimabue had not put up at auction, so they did not have statistics on the value of his paintings. The auctioneer suggested the woman to carry a cloth for evaluation.

The artist Cimabue, who taught Italian master Giotto, is considered the forefather of the Italian Renaissance. He broke with the Byzantine style, popular in the middle ages, and began to include elements of movement and perspective, characteristic of Western painting.

We will remind, the inhabitant of the Netherlands was sold at auction for a painting of the famous wizard, which he bought for a pittance at the store used items. The man gave a picture painted by Johannes Aarts — Dutch artist of the early twentieth century 75 euros, and rescued her more than 30 thousand Euro.