Wormwood against coronavirus: in Africa claiming to have found a cure for COVID-19

A number of African countries intend to apply for treatment COVID-19 tincture of wormwood. This plant has been used for the treatment of malaria. Effectively in the coronavirus, now out of European scientists. About it writes DW.

Полынь против коронавируса: в Африке утверждают, что нашли лекарство от COVID-19

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For several weeks in Africa say about the miraculous medicine is plant-based, which is applied against the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 and it causes atypical pneumonia COVID-19. We are talking about the drug Covid Organics, based — tincture of wormwood.

The President of Madagascar Andri Rajoelina introduced a new tool in mid-April. This event was accompanied by great media hype. The head of Madagascar is joined by other African leaders, convinced of the effectiveness of the new drug. But the international organisations still treat it with caution.

Preparations of Artemisia used for malaria treatment

Medicinal properties an annual plant Artemisia vulgaris, also known as “mugwort”, has long been known. In homeopathy and not only apply different medicines based on this plant. For example, “Artemisinin” within 20 years is used for the treatment of malaria.

Meanwhile, scientists from Algeria in April tested whether drugs against malaria to be effective against the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2. The results of their study showed that “Artemisinin” was more effective than “Hydroxychloroquine”. Last, some scientists have considered as a possible drug against COVID-19. But now it is believed that the use of this drug increases the number of deaths.

Meanwhile, scientists from the max Planck Institute in Potsdam to find out whether the extract of wormwood and a variety of drugs based on it do be able to overcome the new coronavirus. This is one of the first studies in this area, says senior study Peter Seeberger.

According to him, every year more than 300 million patients take medications on the basis of “Artemisinin”, not only for the treatment of malaria.

“The tool was successfully used for the treatment of other diseases,” says Seeberger. There is evidence that “Artemisinin” was effective against the first of the known coronavirus SARS-CoV.

Scientists study the medicinal properties of wormwood

Scientists from Denmark and Germany, observing increased caution, in the laboratory tests as wormwood, as well as “Artemisinin”, developed on its basis, affect the coronavirus. It’s not clear whether it would be possible to use preparations on the basis of wormwood in the preventive purposes or for treatment.

“We are now conducting research in all areas,” says Seeberger.

The first results of the European scientists expect by the end of may this year. If “Artemisinin” will be an effective tool, it will be carried out clinical testing on humans. But in that case, if the results of the study will disappoint, it will still be an important result, because then we will have a definite answer, the clarity of this drug emphasizes Seeberger.

That is clear in this matter, there was the President of Madagascar, when he in April, told reporters about Covid Organics — the new medicine against COVID-19. Then any results of scientific assessment was not. However, he referred to research conducted by scientists in Madagascar, but they had no evidence that mugwort and chemicals from it can be effectively used against coronavirus.

The Director of the Madagascar research Institute IMRA Charles of Andringar relied on many years of experience with the drug “Artemisinin” and emphasized the fact that it does not cause side effects. But he gave no arguments, made on the basis of scientific research.

Without evidence of efficacy , the world health organization (who) has cautioned against its use — and also all the understudied means on the basis of wormwood to treat COVID-19.

But many African countries, among them Togo, Chad, Tanzania, has already ordered Madagascar Covid Organics. It expects deliveries and Nigeria. However, in the paper Punch nigeriensis coordinator for combating COVID-19 Sani Aliyu indicates that the drug is given to patients only after it passes the necessary checks with the national medical Department.

The who has warned about the risk of the use of untested drugs

The President of Madagascar in spite of the criticism defends the drug on the basis of wormwood. He is convinced that his effectiveness in doubt just because the medication is produced in the island nation of East Africa and not in Europe. The President of Madagascar said in an interview with a French radio station: “the World does not want to recognize that a country such as Madagascar, have invented a formula, which can save humanity”.

The representative of the who regional Office in Africa Michael Yao said in an interview with DW that in traditional medicine certainly have the means to defeat the coronavirus. “But you need to use such drugs with caution, since there is no evidence of their effectiveness. We don’t know how reliable is traditional medicines, and whether we recommend them, not cause they harm people.”

Agree with this, and Helen Rees, Director of the Institute of clinical medicine at the University of Johannesburg. In the last 20 years the interest in traditional medicine is increased.

“But all these means must be safe and effective, and it has to be proven in clinical trials. Even in the case of “Artemisinin”, when a large experience in the use against malaria and other diseases. And in the case of the new virus is still very important to understand if you need to apply the remedy for the prevention or for the treatment,” she says.

If scientists from the max Planck Institute finds that Artemisia extract is effective for the treatment COVID-19, will benefit from this and Madagascar, says Peter Seeberger. After all, almost 10% of vegetable raw materials for the manufacture of medicines against malaria, in particular, “Artemisinin” made in Madagascar.



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