“Worse than Darth Vader”: Donald trump has “forgotten” that he has a son from Melania (video)

"Хуже Дарта Вейдера": Дональд Трамп «забыл», что у него есть сын от Мелании (видео)

Donald trump, commenting at a press conference plans to ban in the US to ban aromatic mix wapow, strange said about his 13-year-old youngest son Barron, who gave birth to his third wife Melania. Sitting beside his wife, trump began to talk about the spread of wapow among adolescents. “We can’t let that affect our youth. That’s why it worries the first lady. She has a son — uh, beautiful young man. And she is very worried about him,” he said. However, recollecting himself, he added out of place in the middle of a sentence, the word “together.”

This caused an explosion of emotions in the network. “How, for God’s sake, trump could not forget that he has a son?”, — commented a leading satirical TV show The Daily Show Trevor Noah, the laughter of the audience. According to Newsweek, Noah likened trump to the famous villain from Star wars Darth Vader and called the President “the worst father in the world.” Only Darth Vader, though, and tried to kill his son still recognized him as their. “If trump was the Dark Lord, he’d say, “Luke, she’s your mother,” rejoiced the leading Comedy shows, remembering the scene in which Darth Vader tells Luke Skywalker that he is his father.

During a speech trump Melania as paid users, were “grim, stone face.” Apparently, what upset her the words of her husband. “Trump gave the home the nickname of the Barron — “the son of Melania”, “I bet the note trump has warmed the heart of Barron”, “Melania looks unhappy,” “Donald, have you forgot that the son of Melania from you?” — wrote commentators.

In all, trump, who was married three times and has five children — two daughters and three sons.

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