Worse than Russian analogues: 3 product who do not like immigrants in the United States

The author of the channel “Us” on “Yandex.Zen” living in the USA for several years and writes in his blog about the intricacies, the pros and cons of local life. The author talked about American products, which, in his opinion, worse than the Russian counterparts. Hereinafter in the first person.

Хуже российских аналогов: 3 продукта, которые не нравятся иммигрантам в США

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Canned vegetables “Made in USA”

Alas, Americans are not the best canned vegetables. At first I thought I just had bad luck with the manufacturer, but several years of living in the US my girlfriend tried different brands and now, if the packaging says “Made in USA”, we do not take this product.

And this applies even to peas or corn, they are too chewy, soft, and speaking of pickles — too sweet.

I’ll note that on the shelves in American stores there are many imported products, for example, Mexican canned vegetables is possible, but there is the other extreme — too much spice. We often take European — they are more expensive but taste much better.

Mayonnaise “Made in USA”

American mayonnaise is, in General, anything, the taste is exactly the same as ours, but the consistency… I’m about a year to get used to the fact that the mayonnaise in the United States too.

For you, this probably sounds silly, but trust me — this is really hard to get used to. Maybe it’s just that we are not very lucky, but then again — that American brands liquid.

Drinking yogurts and the like

Here again two extremes: either natural yoghurts — they are too fresh, like a bottle of yogurt left a few berries or too “himonya” — the taste is solid chemistry.

Russian brands were tasty yogurt, a good middle ground between the above two extremes. In USA this is not. Much of the ordinary yogurt has the same problem.

Of course, you get used to it, but I’m not saying that this makes it impossible to live in the United States. It’s just a fact that in Russia, some products are much better than in America. And of course, it’s a matter of taste.

The original column published in the blog “American” with “Yandex.Zen”

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