WP: as an administration trump makes legal immigrants to illegal

According to the Washington Post Katherine Rampell, administration trump makes legal immigrants to illegal. According to the author, the administration has reduced printing of documents that have already been promised to immigrants — including green card — which allows to prove that these people are in the United States legally.

WP: как администрация Трампа превращает легальных иммигрантов в нелегальных

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In mid-June at the Service of citizenship and US immigration services (USCIS) has ended the contract with the company that printed these documents. It is expected that production will be resourced, but the “financial position of the Agency”, as stated by USCIS on July 9, causes the recruitment of employees and a reduction in printing documents.

One of the two sites where these documents were published in the Corbin, Kentucky, ceased production in mid-June. Other object in Lee’s Summit, Missouri, seem to be working at reduced power.

Around 50 000 green cards and 75,000 other documents about work permit, the immigrants promised were not printed, the statement said USCIS.

The Agency said it planned to increase volumes of print, but “can’t speculate on future projections processing time”. In the case of an indefinite leave of employees, which the Agency threatened if it does not receive a loan of $ 1.2 billion from Congress, “all operations will be affected.”

Some of the expected green card is for immigrants, newly approved for lawful permanent residence. Other — for people who have long since become permanent residents, are obliged to periodically update their identity cards, which expire every 10 years (sometimes they need to be replaced sooner, for example, in case of loss). These immigrants had completed all the interviews, conducted biometric assessment, went through all other obstacles and often spent years waiting for these important documents.

Immigration law and citizenship requires that every adult lawful permanent resident, “always” had a valid green card. Failure to do so constitutes an administrative offence and to pay a fine or go to jail. Immigrants must also show their green card to apply for work, to travel or to enter the United States.

It is clear that panicked immigrants have flooded the USCIS with phone calls, trying to secure the issuance of their documents.

“We have increased the volume of requests for approved cases, but the cards are not made, said one of the employees of the Agency. — Part of the queries had to be processed under the accelerated procedure, and there’s nothing we can do about it. Many of us really frustrating is that the applicants do not know what is really going on”.

Usually within 48 hours after approval of the applicant, the online system USCIS indicates that the map was printed. Immigration lawyers across the country were puzzled by the fact that in recent years, these status updates do not appear. Many thought that the delays were associated with the pandemic.

The lawyer from Philadelphia Anu Nair argues that in early June, the USCIS officer said that the services of all contractors will refuse and expect a long delay with the paperwork.

A lawyer from Memphis Elissa Taub asked absent USCIS green card your customer and got a mysterious email: “the System needs to be updated to be able to get the card. You will get a [card] in the mail, once the system has been updated.”

USCIS, which is almost entirely financed from fees, going through a budget crisis, largely caused by mismanagement on the part of political leadership, says the author. Failures in the press, without doubt, is a rehearsal of the upcoming chaos, if the Agency laid off about 70% of its workforce. According to representatives of Agency, it will happen in a few weeks if you not received support from Congress.

In recent months the administration has taken other steps to curb immigration. Orders of the President almost completely stopped issuing green cards and work visas for people applying outside the country; bureaucracy has slowed down the application process from outside of the United States. For some time the Agency refused to send documents from one office to another. The centers that collect the necessary biometric data, remain closed.

These delays can significantly reduce the number of green cards that will eventually be approved and released this year.

Under normal circumstances, the immigrants, requiring proof of lawful residence, but has not yet obtained a green card must have an alternative: get a special mark in the documents from USCIS. But now applicants must provide evidence of “critical need” to get the mark — up to the end is not clear what this means.

“The bottom line is that the applicants pay the huge fee for filing of documents, and it seems that these duties were either wasted due to mismanagement or redirected to initiatives for law enforcement enforcement, to the detriment of the applicants, as well as the overall efficiency of the immigration process, says Anis Saleh, an immigration lawyer in Coral Gables, Florida. — The administration has achieved its goal — to close the legal immigration without actually changing the law.”



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