‘Wrong’ order KFC and another 30 ridiculous reasons people call 911

In a KFC restaurant in Wisconsin called the police: a woman complained to officers that her order was wrong. Arrived on the scene, the police found the client in front of a Drive Thru and she was still upset, writes USA Today.

'Неправильный' заказ в KFC и еще 30 нелепых причин, по которым люди звонят в 911

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For shoppers already preparing a new chicken, but she told the police that she didn’t like the “attitude” of the staff, so she didn’t feel comfortable while eating a sandwich. Officer spoke with employees and a woman, explaining that this is not a reason to call the police. It became known that a month ago, police were called to the same restaurant — at the time the purchaser complained that his order was cooked too long.

Staff explained that the broken fryer was the cause of 40-minute delay. The police said that the buyer did not speak English and did not understand the reason for which he long did not publish the order. In the end, the scandal broke with police and involving other buyers, as a result, the man returned his money, and he left the restaurant.

Service E-comm, which handles over 1 million calls every year, has released its annual list of the 10 most ridiculous and bizarre 911 calls — rating was published by the website globalnews.ca:

  1. complaint that the local fast food restaurant was not open 24 hours a day, as promised in the advertisement;
  2. the complaint against the store that did not accept the return shoes without original box;
  3. the complaint that a gas station tucked in the car the wrong type of petrol;
  4. the complaint that the rental company provided the car with the wrong size;
  5. the complaint is that the restaurant is not willing to accept coupon of the client;
  6. please help to turn off car lights;
  7. the complaint that the wipers of the car stopped working;
  8. trying to find out where was towed machine;
  9. the message about the lost jacket;
  10. the question of whether moving the clock forward or back during daylight savings time.

Although it’s hard not to laugh at these issues, E-comm notes that such ridiculous calls can have serious, real consequences. Jasmine Bradley, Manager corporate communications E-Comm, said such calls are “wasting valuable resources authorities assistance in emergency situations that otherwise would be available to those who threatened the health, safety, property, or committed a crime”.

In previous years calls in the top 10 included a request for a phone number of a local tyre dealer, the complaint that the child is not fastened by the seat belt and the request to help to open a broken locker in the gym.

His version of the most bizarre reasons to call 911 were published by the website CHEEZburger:

1. One woman called in 2 a.m. and said that her feet turn blue. It turned out that she wore a new pair of jeans to the club that night.

2. (panicked voice) “How can I take the cranberry sauce out of the jar, so it’s not pieces?”

3. A drunk man called to report that he was offended. It turned out that the police arrested him because he threw slices of pizza at people.

4. The child called 911 because his aunt had a baby… in the hospital.

5. An elderly woman called and said her house trying to break in two young men in blue. Sent 6 police officers were that representatives of the gas company arrived to remove the performance counter from her.

6. Called the girl from high school, panicked and in all seriousness said that on the telephone pole sits a squirrel and doesn’t want to get off.

7. “I just swallowed a hair brush because I was angry”.

8. “My washing machine tells me to file for bankruptcy.”

9. “My neighbor gives my horse drugs. It’s crack!”

10. The woman called 911 after seeing how someone drives the car, sticking his foot out the window.

11. A woman called to Express concern about the fact that I saw a deer in the winter — she was worried that the animal will freeze.

12. The man called to say that his rented house had disappeared microwave. It turned out that it wasn’t his microwave, and the landlord he did not ask. “But I am very hungry”, he replied to the argument of the operator.

13. A woman called and complained that her child had developed a peanut Allergy, which she ordered on Amazon. Her baby and was allergic to peanuts.

14. The man started the call with, “I Swear I’m not crazy.” He fled from his rented room and tried to convince the police that his roommate turned into a huge crab.

15. The woman called 911 and demanded that police escort helped her get the car out of the traffic on the road because “it’s very silly that so stuck”.

16. The man called 911 and asked how long to smoke a brisket.

17. Call came from the man who was just lonely.

18. Wanted to know the prices for Parking.

19. Could not open a jar of canned food.

20. Scored just to say merry Christmas.