Xi places his allies in the Standing Committee, the pinnacle of power in China

Xi places allies at Standing Committee, pinnacle of power in China


Chinese President Xi Jinping, reappointed for a third term as head of the Communist Party on Sunday, has placed several of his allies in the Standing Committee, the seven-man group at the pinnacle of power in China.

The four new members of the Committee are close to Xi, strengthening his position within the party, where loyalty to the secretary general now comes first, believe several analysts.

Li Qiang, party leader in Shanghai, thus climbs to second place in the protocol, despite his chaotic management of the city's long confinement in the spring.

He should therefore, following tradition , to be appointed Prime Minister at the annual meeting next March, replacing Li Keqiang, 67, who will retire.

Ding Xuexiang, Xi Jinping's private secretary, Li Xi, head of the party in Guangdong province (south) and Cai Qi, party leader in Beijing, also join the Standing Committee manent, according to state television footage from the People's Palace in Beijing.

“They are all Xi's men, it shows he wants to rule beyond a third term. ”, therefore after 2027, underlines Alfred Wu Muluan, expert in Chinese politics at the National University of Singapore.

This reshuffle at the top of power comes at the end of the five-year congress of the Chinese Communist Party, which renewed its Central Committee, a sort of party parliament with around 200 members.

The latter held its first meeting on Sunday and appointed its new Standing Committee.