Yahoo: the Intelligence of the Russian Federation in 2010-2011 was able to access the communication systems of the FBI in the U.S. (PHOTOS)

Yahoo: Разведке РФ в 2010-2011 гг. удалось получить доступ к системам связи ФБР в США (ФОТО)

Russia’s intelligence services during his stay in power in the US President Barack Obama was able to gain unauthorized access to a range of communication systems of the FBI on American soil, says the American Internet portal Yahoo.

According to his sources among the former and current employees of intelligence services of the USA the Russian side has carried out the operation presumably in 2010-2011. American authorities were able to fully assess the volume of damage in 2012. They did not rule out that Russia could obtain the information needed for the operation, from a certain informant in the United States, reports TASS.

Interestingly, Russia has stepped up intelligence activities against the United States at the very moment when the Obama administration attitude to Moscow rather favorably: in 2009 the White house launched a “reset” of Russian-American relations. However, Vladimir Putin was ready to continue the confrontation. In 2011, preparing for new presidential elections amid mass protests that started because of fraud in the parliamentary elections, Putin publicly accused the then US Secretary of state Hillary Clinton of fomenting unrest in Russia.

According to the information given in the publication statement, the Russian intelligence managed to decipher some of the signals and messages exchanged between radio FBI. The duties of employee data consisted of identifying Russian spies operating in the United States. According to sources, this has allowed the intelligence services of the Russian Federation “in American cities, including Washington, new York and San Francisco, to receive important information about the location of undercover groups, the FBI, carried out the surveillance”. In addition, intelligence officers of the Russian Federation “probably learned the contents of the talks of the FBI”.

As suggested by the Yahoo sources, the Russian side has been allowed to escape surveillance by the FBI to obtain information on Agency employees, as well as more effective “contact with important informants”. The American intelligence service because of this transaction lost the opportunity to obtain some information from his spies in Russia. As of the publication, some of them were not contacted, not to give them, some are afraid of exposing themselves stopped contact with the American side.

According to sources, the US authorities believe that with the implementation of this operation, the RF has used the suburban complexes of the Russian Embassy in the States of new York and Maryland. Access to them was closed to the Russians by order of Barack Obama in December 2016. Then, Washington imposed against Moscow sanctions in connection with the involvement of the Russian Federation to hacker attacks on American political institutions.

29 Dec 2016 the Obama administration announced that nearly 30 Russian diplomats must leave the U.S. within 72 hours.

As noted by Yahoo, is actually one of the reasons why the United States declared these restrictions were specified by the operation. However, the Kremlin denied that “giving” in the United States used for surveillance operations, not for the rest of the diplomats.

The portal also says that one of revealed by the Americans Russian spies tried to recruit businessman Carter page, who during the election campaign of 2016 was an adviser to presidential candidate Donald trump on foreign policy.

According to Joel Brenner, who in 2006-2009 he was responsible for counterintelligence activities of the United States and were subordinate to the Director of National intelligence, focused on the search for “moles” (spies), but it was overlooked that it may be attacked via the Internet and electronic systems. One of the most unpleasant surprises for the Americans was the Russian ability to hack some e-codes. “Russian can use any technology to the fullest. They are extremely dangerous in this area,” concluded Brenner.

Sources familiar with the activities of the Russian special services are sure that the Kremlin will not stop and will continue the attack on the American system of national security. Talked about this and the former spectacular Robert Mueller, presented to Congress the results of its investigation about Russian intervention in the American elections in 2016. “They’re doing it (intelligence and sabotage work), while we sit here, and they expect to do so during the next election campaign,” warned Mueller.