Yana Rudkovskaya and Evgeny Plushenko find a surrogate mother for her unborn child

Яна Рудковская и Евгений Плющенко нашли суррогатную мать для будущего ребенка

Famous Russian businesswoman Yana Rudkovskaya and figure skater Yevgeny Plushenko, 6-year-old son Alexander which threatened with death unknown, will soon become parents. Child they will give the surrogate mother. Sama 44-year-old Ian admitted that he could not conceive, several times she did IVF, but being a mother to her and failed.

So the couple decided to seek the services of a surrogate mother and have already found a woman who bears their child.

“It is important that she had the experience of surrogacy. Legal nuances were, but they are more or less easier to resolve. So the choice we made. I hope she will be able to live with us for some time. Of course, if you agree. She’s not just a service for the money I have, and will become part of our family. And if she falls on hard times, we will never leave, support and help”, — said Rudkovskaja in an interview with HELLO!

Яна Рудковская и Евгений Плющенко нашли суррогатную мать для будущего ребенка

She was one of the first who openly talks about surrogacy and does not hide health problems. Moreover, the life of Yana is now watching millions of viewers in the show “Answer”.

“Still afraid to talk about it. When surrogacy seek men, everyone is happy for them, but women judge. The questions begin: “And you what, she could not have?” We tried IVF more than once. The embryos do not survive. Was the rejection. I was still young embryos are frozen, they also did not stick. It was very disappointing”, admitted Jan.

They say she’s desperate to have a baby to save a fragile marriage of Plushenko. There were rumors that Eugene had a mistress. However, he has denied the charges of infidelity.

We will remind, Yana and Evgeny raising the total 6-year-old son Sasha. Rudkovskaya also has two older sons from a previous marriage.

For a year he concealed the birth of a baby.

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