Yana Solomko appeared in a stylish way

Recently the singer Yana Solomko saddened fans with news that she’s already some time ago divorced her husband and they are almost a year not living together. And although rumors about this went a long time, fans are still hoping that it will be able to establish family life. The artist was not discouraged, and devotes all his spare time four year old daughter Kira and his work, Ian decided to return to the stage.

Яна Соломко предстала в стильном образе

On the new photo Solomko appeared in a very stylish manner, and admired users of the network a flourishing appearance. The singer posed in tight black pants, yellow t-shirt and fancy red jacket and oversized. Added spectacular bow bright makeup and signature curls Yana.

The singer has not signed the.

Members immediately hastened to note that she looks just fine, many also praised the colorful jacket of the girl.

  • Don’t know what to say, you are always irresistible
  • I love Your extensions. Great photo
  • I love your curls
  • Nyashechka
  • The red color looks great on you
  • You are so beautiful and stylish
  • Yanochka You just bombyces chic
  • You are such a bright personality
  • Very stylish ,look great
  • Pretty photos. So cute
  • Jan, you are very beautiful look
  • You look lovely as always, super smile
  • You look very good in red
  • Very bright and colorful, as always on top