Yana Solomko first told about the divorce with her husband

Ex-member of the project, the Bachelor, and now the singer Yana Solomko, who performs under the stage name SOYANA, have long remained silent and did not comment on the rumors about his divorce. However, after her ex-husband Oleg Solodukhov he spoke on this subject and confirmed their separation in the social network, has decided to speak out. In an interview to “KP in Ukraine”, the actress admitted that she is a very “sore subject” so much to say it will not.

Яна Соломко впервые рассказала о разводе с мужем

According to Jana, in such cases, should not wash dirty linen in public, especially if you have a child.

“Oleg, we do not live together for 9 months before long had a difficult relationship. And divorced officially for two months. Didn’t want to talk about it, because I believe that divorce is a tragedy for his family and daughter, who will soon be an adult, don’t have to read about it in the press. Steam needs to sort things out among themselves, unable to endure dirty linen in public. But if Oleg wanted to do public — okay, it’s his right,” — said Solomko.

According to the singer, the decision to part was mutual.

“We have for some time tried to save the relationship, but too much accumulated mutual claims and grievances that led us to divorce. It is possible to describe the banal phrase — “not on together,” says the girl.

She also commented on the statement of the former husband that he allegedly was “unnecessary to show the business digest”.

“I have no idea. He wanted to be “in showbiznesu digest” and he liked it. He always tried to support me. Might not work…Although the last five years I have more dvizhuhi was in the kitchen and in the nursery than on the stage! I actually love home, I’m a family man!” — said Yana.

Recall that Yana Solomko and businessman Oleg Solodukhov got married in 2014. A year after the wedding, the couple first child, daughter Kira. After his parents divorced four-year-old girl was left to live with mom, but dad is also seen.

“Kirochka lives with me. We often go to the Pope and are always happy to see him and we welcome you. I am absolutely sincere when I say — our doors are open to him always! Once again, I wish only happiness and love to her former husband! I wish he was successful, beloved and loving husband and daddy!” — shared the actress.