Yana Solomko for a year officially divorced

Ukrainian singer, participant of the first issue of the Ukrainian Bachelor and Turkish show the Voice of Yana Solomko divorced from her husband, businessman Oleg Solodukhov, reports the Chronicle.info with reference to NV.

Яна Соломко уже год официально в разводе

I told myself Solodukhov, post a photo of the ex-wife of American singer Jason Derulo on his page on Facebook and hinting at their romance. He added that a year is not living with straw.

“I understand that “friends” has ceased to be a secret. OFFICIAL: to avoid further questions and speculation, I hasten to inform you — we have a year not living together and officially divorced. Yana, I wish you all the best in all her endeavors. But in this show the business digest I was superfluous. I sincerely wish her to be happy. Peace to all!” — wrote the ex-husband of singer.

In addition, Solodukhov published them with straw sharing a photo, in the caption which noted that “the institution of the family is dead”, accusing the disintegration of the marriage of the social network.

“The institution of the family is dead. Can you blame the masons or to enjoy the freedom of choice… BUT to blame Instagram. Your partner is right, not perfect like the others, and if he is still coughing, it is not exactly a Superman and a write-off to the dump. The illusion that all of the ideal family, wealth, travel and holidays, slowly but surely creates a sense of dissatisfaction with one’s own life,” he wrote.

We will remind, Yana Solomko Oleg Solodukhov a daughter Kira. Their wedding took place in 2014, after the engagement in the Dominican Republic.