Yana Solomko had a fun time with the baby in the pool

After the news that Yana Solomko divorced with her husband Oleg Solodukhov, which appeared in September, the singer made some cryptic posts about the disappointments in life, and then for a time disappeared from social networks.

Яна Соломко весело провела время с малышкой в бассейне

Fans began really to worry, but she came back and explained that she just did not have time for this, because it was doing my music project SoYana and daughter Kira. New video in his Instagram she certainly proved that she’s okay.

Ian decided to show how they with four-year-old Kira is a fun and actively spent the day in the pool — and at the same time to boast the sporting talents of her daughter.

Video mother and daughter arm in arm splashing in the water, and shows how the girl skillfully swims in different styles and bravely jumps into the water from the ledge and dives.

Video: Yana Solomko daughter (instagram.com/yana.solo)

Followers are touched by this cute and fun couple, and I admire the courage and skill of little Kira in the comments of the post.

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