Yana Solomko hard going through a divorce

Ukrainian singer Yana Solomko long concealed his divorce from businessman Oleg Solodukhov.

Яна Соломко тяжело переживает развод

The silence was interrupted by the man himself, who explicitly stated that they do not together anymore. Joanna didn’t remain anything else how to confirm the words of ex-partner and to Express his version of events. The girl went to work and started a new creative life under the pseudonym SOYANNA and also enjoys spending leisure time with his beloved daughter Kira.

However, from time to time, the artist shares his philosophical reflections on the relationship on the page in Instagram.

“Each of us in life there were disappointments… After which we learn are changing, and we have opened eyes on many things! But a closed heart… I Wish all of us less of these disappointments!” — she turned to her fans.

The actress added a photo which poses in a thin blouse milky color with short sleeves. It has a radiant smile at the camera.

Fans shared the opinion of the singer and also wished quickly heal wounds and encouraged her as best I could.

  • You are very sweet girl
  • Everything will be fine, I believe
  • I wish You less frustration
  • What you a charming woman
  • All costs to survive and endure
  • You are a lovely girl, wonderful mother and superbalita
  • Very beautiful and nice photo
  • You are a lovely girl, you have the biggest happiness of your daughter. For her sake you will do all
  • So beautiful, just super
  • Cute one in this photo