Yana Solomko shared a funny photo with her daughter

The singer told than fond of her daughter Kira.

Яна Соломко поделилась забавным фото с дочерью

A former contestant on the Bachelor, the singer Yana Solomko recently admitted that she and her husband Vladimir Soloduhin already some time ago divorced not long live together. However, she kept a positive attitude, and all the free time she dedicates to their four year old daughter Kira. They travel a lot, attend various clubs and just hang out.

On his page in Instagram Jan shared a fun photo with the baby and life-affirming post, in which he supported all single mothers. Mother and daughter depicted on the background of the growth figures from the movie “Avatar”. The artist is dressed in a pink track suit and denim jacket, and Cyrus — in a white pants and a black leather jacket.

“Many journalists are interested in how Kira’s doing, what her Hobbies and those involved in her upbringing? Answer all at once: Kira loves ballet, drawing, skateboarding, playing bowling. And almost every weekend we try to travel. Even if it’s just leaving the city into the countryside. Children need fresh air and socializing with peers! Girls, don’t worry if you raise a child yourself ! We are strong, we will succeed!” — said Solomko.

Members thanked her for her inspiration and positive, and left a lot of positive feedback. Many agreed that women can be strong and to bring up their own children.

  • I also was raised by mom myself, and I am very grateful to her for all the things the best that she opened me!!! better alone than with anyone!!!
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  • Yanochka, you are not only a talented singer but also a good mom
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