Yarmolenko goal with a big lead in the voting fans, “West ham” to “the Best goal of the month” (video)

Гол Ярмоленко с большим отрывом лидирует в голосовании фанов "Вест Хэма" на "Лучший гол месяца" (видео)

Andriy Yarmolenko

Goal by winger “West ham” Andrei Yarmolenko at the gate “Norwich” (2:0) in the framework of the 4th round of the English Premier League with a big lead in fan voting “hammers” “Best goal of the month”, reported on the official website of “hammers”.

Almost half of respondents (45%) gave preference to the Ukrainian goal.

The closest pursuer striker Sebastian Allais – 20%.

Add that Yarmolenko scored the first goal for the “West ham” since September of last year.