“Yaroslav the Wise on the toilet” In Sumy ridiculed the new monument

«Ярослав Мудрый на унитазе»: В Сумах высмеяли новый памятник

In Sumy inflamed passions around the monument to Yaroslav the Wise. Some of the townspeople protect the recently installed monument criticize others and require dismantling. In social networks actively discussing the creation, and many users make fun of it in the meme and totoaba.

With a book on the background of Church domes Yaroslav the Wise is situated on the same street. White arrangement in the center is visible from afar, no one remains indifferent.

Citizens have expressed different opinions: “I don’t want to offend someone who did, perhaps he does not fully penetrated into the essence. A little trash“; “Like, my kid even says: what a beautiful uncle sits on the throne“; “It was lopsided and the face not handsome, so I think he himself is responsible“.

Immediately after the establishment of the monument on the official website of the city authorities appeared, and the petition for removal, which is only half the required number of votes.

In social networks users are primarily concerned about the position of the Prince, over which was a laugh: “it seems that he is sitting on the toilet“; “I’m coming Tyrion Lannister and put a crossbow in her old“; “in what Department of the Epicenter can buy such a monument?“.