Yaroslavl is going to buy the debt “Metalist” and to resurrect the club

Ярославский собирается выкупить долги "Металлиста" и воскресить клуб

Alexander Yaroslavsky

The ex-President of FC Metalist Aleksandr Yaroslavskyy in Kharkiv intends to return to club football.

For this purpose the Ukrainian businessman is going to buy all the debts of “Metalist”, said the presenter Igor Tsiganyk in an interview with YouTube channel “Scorer”.

“For a long time could not redeem the debt “Metalist” through some corruption in the history of the club. Yaroslavl now wants to negotiate with the players, coaches, managers of teams, which the club owes money. Money doesn’t matter anymore. To all who have Kurchenko, written waiver of debts of the club. Someone he will be offered a job, someone, can, money, someone more, someone less… But he wants to redeem the debt. This is called debridement. If I have debts, I then have to give the whole property (base, the stadium and the brand of FC Metalist), – said Ciganik.

“Here he agreed with Xavier, Cristaldo (Brazilian cleiton Xavier – 2010-1015 gg midfielder “Metalist”, the Argentine Jonathan Cristaldo – from 2011 to 2014 Kharkiv striker – approx. LB.ua) and others, and the state is obliged to give him this property Kurchenko, because he becomes the main creditor. But now there is a solution (and it will be appealed) on the nationalization. Not bankruptcy! And it already will have to buy from the state. Yaroslavl does not want it. He wants to become full owner, by acquiring the debt. If this happens, and I know that the negotiations are going, then return to “Metalist”. He is interested in “Metalist” and not “Metalist 1925”, – stressed the journalist.

“But we need someone to have helped him, not hindered. Importantly, all wrote that they waive these debts Kurchenko in favor of Yaroslavl. This will give him the opportunity to come under the law in performing the service, and to say – here was the process of bankruptcy, I bought all the debts and take possession of the property,” added Cyganik.