Yaroslavl is ready to attract $1 billion investment for the Kharkiv aircraft factory

Ярославский готов привлечь $1 млрд инвестиций для Харьковского авиазавода

Photo: press service of DCH

DCH are ready to take responsibility for the restoration of the flagship of the domestic aviation industry, said Yaroslavsky

Businessman ready to become a private investor in state-owned enterprises – together with government or independently.

Owner and President of DCH group Aleksandr Yaroslavskyy is ready to attract a billion dollars of investment in the rehabilitation of the state enterprise Kharkiv aviation production enterprise. Such a statement published on Friday, August 14 on the official site of DCH.

“DCH group is ready to take responsibility for the restoration of the flagship of the domestic aviation industry and to raise $1 billion for the restoration of the HAZ. Of this amount, $100 million will go to pay down debt; $500 million for the completion of the aircraft, whose production has already begun, and the new bookmark; $400 million in program development”, — said in the text.

In his statement, Yaroslavsky noted that he was “like Kharkiv care about the fate of Kharkiv aviation plant — the pride of the city.”

“Some reorganizations and rearrangements of a real revival of the enterprise is impossible to achieve. Plans will not be full, the staff HAZ desired salaries and guarantees of preservation of workplaces, regardless of who and how they give. So, the plant needs real support from the government and significant private investment,” he said.

The businessman stressed that he was indifferent to the format of participation in the fate of HAZ – purchase or public-private partnership.

“It is important not to lose time. DCH group is ready to discuss its proposal and intends to make every effort to rescue HAZ for Kharkiv and Ukraine”, — said Yaroslavskyy.

Oleksandr Yaroslavsky, Ukrainian businessman, is in the top 10 of Forbes Ukraine. Owns and personally manages the DCH group, the investing in such sectors as Finance, industry, transport, development etc. among his most recent acquisitions – Bank Credit-Dnepr.

DCH group has a number of industrial assets: the Kharkiv tractor plant, the Dnieper metallurgical plant, the Krivoy Rog mine of Sukha Balka. DCH recently started activity in the sector and is in the process of acquisition more than 25 % of the shares of the Zaporozhye enterprise Motor Sich that produces aircraft engines.