Years later, the secrets of Violetta Villas are revealed. Did the singer hide a treasure

Surprising reports on Violetta Villas.

 After years, Violetta Villas' secrets come to light. Did the singer hide a treasure

As” Pomponik “reminds us, Violetta Villas passed away over a decade ago. It seems that the artist's life does not hide any secrets from us anymore, and yet, there are still many surprising secrets in the stars. What new facts have now seen the light of day?

The treasure of Violetta Villas

One year after Violetta Villas passed away, the town where she lived, there was the surprising news that the artist had buried a treasure on her property. Medium Janina Buczek-Szymańska in an interview with “Super Express” stated that she was talking to the soul of Villas.

She was to learn that although the star did not leave much fortune, it was something else, “something buried”. The medium, however, was unable to say what was to be found in the garden by the diva's house.

We had to wait a long time for the answer. Only now do we find out that the star was supposed to bury a stone of exceptional power. Violetta Villas was to receive it from her husband. The stone was with her all the time and she never parted with it.

After many years, the secrets of Violetta Villas come to light. Did the singer hide a treasure

The mentioned stone was supposed not only to heal the soul and body, but also to attract money.

The search continued

Violetta Villas' garden was dug up more than once or twice. “Super Express” informed already in 2015 that the singer's guardian, who for a long time did not want to leave the artist's house in Lewin Kłodzki, had to check it carefully, fearing that someone else would find a treasure somewhere else.

“There must be something buried in this soil. Many have already searched. I myself have been digging in the backyard, but I have not found anything” – added the singer's brother-in-law, Jan Mulawa.

 After years, Violetta Villas' secrets come to light. Did the singer hide the treasure

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