Yevgeniy Koshevoy frankly told how he began his love affair with his wife Xenia

The famous Ukrainian showman, actor, TV presenter and star of “Studio Quarter-95“ Eugene Kosh told how he began his love affair with his wife Xenia. Explicit recognition of the actor made in an interview on the program “visiting Dmitry Gordon“.

Евгений Кошевой откровенно рассказал, как начался его роман с женой Ксенией

According to Eugene, he fell in love with Xenia at first glance. But the future wife at first thought of him only as a comedian with “95 Quarter“. The actor said he did not regret his beloved money, gave her expensive gifts and took her to restaurants.

“The first three months I threw her messages. I was not sorry for her money, gifts. We went to restaurants. Then she moved in with me when I lived in a rented apartment, and everything began to turn,“ shared Mishka.

In addition, the showman admitted that over the years started to love Xenia more. Mishka said he did not consider that his feelings for his wife — it’s a habit.

“Over the years, you learn something new about the partner, and somewhere ahead of his thoughts and actions. We read each other like a book, and linger on certain pages longer“, — said Eugene.

Also Mishka said that she liked spending time with Ksenia. Wife playing with their children and watch soap operas until morning.