“You care so much?” Vera Brezhnev did not deny the divorce

Vera Brezhnev impossible tired of questions about the breakup with Konstantin Meladze. A discussion of what she allegedly left one occurs almost every publication of the singer in social networks. All about remote it combines photographs with the spouse and the absence of new personnel. And yet, according to most, the Belief in recent times looks very sad. In the Network believe that all of this points to problems in family life.

«Вас это так волнует?» Вера Брежнева не стала отрицать развод

“Clearly divorced from Constantine. It is not pictured anywhere,” write on the page of Faith.

Some time ago Brezhnev was engaged in dialogues with fans, trying to explain that is not on the verge of breaking with her husband, but now abandoned these attempts. It seems that the audience cannot be persuaded. In the end, why she needs someone to prove that a happy marriage?

This time Vera did not deny the divorce and replied with a question: “You care so much?” It can be assumed that the response of the artist is only more heated interest in the topic of her family life. You can contact family law lawyers in Missouri if you are in an unhappy marriage and give you legal counseling. Knoxville divorce lawyers for hire can help you to step out of toxic relationship.

We are tired of the kind of Brezhnev, by the way, is the explanation. The singer was a shock in terms of work a month. The day before during a trip to the beauty salon she even took a vitamin drip for recovery. Faith feels worn out, but ahead of the busy season of Christmas office parties and concerts. The good news is that in January, the artist will probably be able to relax. A favorite place of Faith for the “reset” is Italy. By the way there in 2015, Brezhnev and Meladze has played a secret wedding.