You could have had Covid-19 and not know about it: obvious symptoms of infection with coronavirus

Coronavirus is often expressed mild symptoms, which many people do not go to the doctor. About it writes RBC.

Вы могли переболеть Covid-19 и не знать об этом: неочевидные симптомы заражения коронавирусом

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Coronavirus may manifest no symptoms or their symptoms to be similar to seasonal colds. Therefore, people who have been ill COVID-19 can be much more than is indicated by official statistics. Some specific symptoms can indicate that you have already suffered a coronavirus.

So, according to scientists from Oxford University, there are five “light” symptoms (no fever, dry cough and chills), which may indicate that the coronavirus.

Loss of smell

One of the most common symptoms is loss of smell. These data confirmed scientists from around the world. As scientists have found that some cells in the nose contain proteins for which the strain SARS-CoV-2 and has primarily. That is how the infection enters the body. These people become “great” messengers of the infection, as often do not realize that are sick.

Abdominal pain

In some patients, abdominal pain may be an independent symptom. But sometimes it can mean the development of pneumonia in the lower lobes of the lung. Therefore, for such a symptom must be treated carefully.


This symptom was identified by the results of researches of the Chinese scientists. So, in Wuhan half of the first 204 patients were identified that symptom.


In some patients with COVID-19 manifested light of follicular conjunctivitis. It can be expressed in the poured blood of the eyes, burning sensation in the eyes, accumulation of pus, which adheres to the eyelashes, itching in the eyes.


Feeling unusually strong fatigue can also be a symptom of coronavirus. You should pay attention to this symptom, if the feeling is not the result of overwork.


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