You see this phone number on the display, do not answer. Officials are warning

The Office of Electronic Communications is sounding the alarm.

You see this phone number on the display, do not answer. Officials warn

According to the portal “O2”, the Office of Electronic Communications warns Poles against dangerous numbers. These calls should not be answered!

Inattention can cost us a lot

Many of us have dealt with unknown numbers. Unfortunately, collecting some of them may turn out to be extremely expensive for us. Therefore, before answering a foreign number, it is better to check on the network that it is not on the list of numbers that it is better to ignore. Also, do not call back a missed call without reflection.

You see on display this phone number. Officials warn

Our vigilance should be raised by the number of digits in the telephone number. For example, 690 XXX XXXX has one digit more than “safe numbers”. When calling back to this type of number, we have to take into account a considerable cost. One minute of connection costs PLN 7.69.

Calls to numbers from Africa or South America will cost us a lot (examples of numbers from these places are: 247 501 042, 247 553 130, 247 555 013). Many of these issues. Also, please do not call back to numbers starting with +678. Numbers starting with 242, 225, 247 and 703 can also be dangerous.

 You see this phone number on-display, don't answer. Officials warn

< One of the mechanisms that fraudsters use is to make short calls with the hope that the subscriber will call back at a cost. Therefore, we once again warn you not to automatically call back each missed call. You can check them on pages where users share their experiences (you can do it here, among others).

Have you called back on one of these numbers? Or maybe you have other experiences with unsafe numbers?