Young wife Richard Gere got pregnant six months after childbirth

Richard Gere, which marked the end of the summer, the 70th anniversary, will once again be a father. The journalists have learned from a close acquaintance with the family of Hollywood actor insider. It is reported that Alejandra Silva, wife of the star of the movie “Pretty woman” is on the third month of pregnancy. Quite unexpectedly just nine months ago, Tim McGraw and Silva celebrated the birth of a son. Baby Alexander was the first child of the couple.

Молодая жена Ричарда Гира забеременела через полгода после родов

Richard keeps the details of his personal life in secret and not made an official confirmation of the news about the imminent addition to the family. However, the reason not to trust this information. Because of the “interesting position” was reported by Spanish publication Hola!, which first learned of a previous pregnancy and childbirth, wife of Richard.

In early August, the paparazzi managed to make the first photos of Gere with a young son. The actor was photographed with a young wife and baby boy while on holiday in Tuscany. He loves to babysit little Alexander and makes it almost more fun than his favorite.

Richard married Alejandra who is younger than his 33 years, in April 2018. The celebration took place in Spain, the home of the bride. And future spouses met four years before that. Silva at the time was married to the Manager of the hotel and brought him a son, albert. The gear, incidentally, also has a child from a previous marriage. Homer, who is now 20 years old, the actor gave birth to his second wife Cary Lowell. With her, Richard have lived for 14 years.