Younger Eva Longoria delighted fans a stylish way

Recently Eva Longoria gave a reception in the framework of its charitable programs The Eva Longoria Foundation. On the evening of rejuvenated celebrity struck fans stylish sexy way.

Помолодевшая Ева Лонгория восхитила фанатов стильным образом

Eva Longoria last year gave birth to first child her husband, businessman josé Antonio Bastone. After the appearance of the baby born 44-year-old star of the television series “Desperate Housewives” is not immediately able to return to the old forms, but she made an effort and lost weight by acquiring its former appearance. Their shape showed the actress at a reception hosted for the participants of the charity Fund. 44-year-old celebrity wore a slinky black dress with a deep neckline, while its complement open sandals with high heels and earrings with diamonds. Fans were delighted from the appearance of the idol, immediately “covered” with the compliments.

First of all it noted the harmony of the stars. Others have focused on the natural beauty of the organizer of the party. Currently, singled out the fans, not many can boast of the absence of plastic surgery. One of the women even admitted that the actress her motivated to achieve the same result. Now, the fairer sex will also strive to lose weight after the baby is born.