Youth vaping on the rise

Youth vaping on the rise


After experiencing a craze when it was released in Quebec, vapers are experiencing a resurgence in popularity, particularly among young people, according to a study conducted by the National Institute of Public Health of Quebec (INSPQ).< /strong>

Nearly 17% of young people recently surveyed admitted to having used drugs in the last 30 days.

The consumption of vaporizers has accelerated among students since 2016. According to the INSPQ, the promotion of these products on social networks encourages young people to consume more. 

“We have decades of smoking studies that show that advertising and marketing have an effect on tobacco consumption among young people,” said INSPQ scientific advisor Annie Montreuil. 

Specialists are clear about the long-term effects that can be harmful, especially as young people start vaping earlier and earlier.

“The first risk is to develop a nicotine addiction which is very strong and difficult to quit. The other risk for young people is exposing their lungs to harmful particles,” confirmed Ms. Montreuil.

To raise young people's awareness of the phenomenon, the Canadian Cancer Society calls for caution .

“First, we educate our young people not to use, then we set up several prevention programs to help young people stop vaping and our programs seem to be working well,” said Afif Dimitri Haddad, project manager at the Canadian Cancer Society. 

Despite restrictions imposed by the federal government in recent years, such as limiting nicotine to 20 milligrams in vapers, the INSPQ is still considering an increase for the next study which should see the light of day in 2022.