Yuri Gorbunov lit up in the arms of Alyona Vinnytska and Hope Meyher

Sunday, November 10 was held the 12th edition of the show dancing with the stars 2019 — the quarterfinals of the project. The parquet left pair Elena Kravetz and Max Leonov, who scored the least public support. Note that in this case the judge the least amount of points was given to the Victoria Bulitko and Dmitry Dikusar two numbers won a total of 59 points. In this live couples danced to the live performance of Ukrainian stars — among them were the first, “Golden” group “VIA Gra” — Alain Vinnytsia and Hope Meyher.

Юрий Горбунов засветился в объятиях Алены Винницкой и Надежды Мейхер

The show’s host Yuri Gorbunov don’t miss the opportunity to take a selfie in the arms of the artist who proudly shared on his page in Instagram. In the picture not the fact that radiant smile, and Vinnytsia sends to the camera a kiss.

“First, there, is the Golden warehouse a groupie Via gra! Bravo Nadia! Bravo Alone!” — said Gorbunov.

In review subscribers nostalgic for the old days when “VIA Gra” were gaining popularity, and jokingly advised the jury not to get carried away and to keep myself in hands, because his house waiting for his wife and son.

  • Duzhe good zaspali
  • Girls,keep it up! You are beautiful,you are great! Yuri,get a hold of yourself! At home his wife and children!
  • My favorite and a real singer’s voice!
  • And de Brezhnev ?
  • From Tomcat
  • Oblio Gorbunova, kapets Yom houses bude, look for new webcage
  • Yuri, Yuri. And where is Katherine?
  • Best part!!!! Not now!
  • If the stench of primariliy ?))

Note that Nadezhda Meyher and sweet Alena Vinnitskaya performed their hit “I’m not going back”, which was recorded in 2001. Under him, Dmitry Dikusar and Victoria Bulitko danced tango.

(YouTube/W Dances with stars)