Yuri Gorbunov showed his favorite pastime

Yuri Gorbunov finds in his busy schedule time for sports and travel. The showman gave me a kiss. On the new photo in instagram he came to a standstill in one of the main asanas.

Yuri bent one leg at the knee, pushing it to the side and butt against the second. He joined hands at chest level, spreading your elbows to the side. By the way, this position is well coached flexibility and balance. Looks like Yuri that’s totally fine!

Юрий Горбунов показал своё любимое занятие

Showman posing in a large room – under his feet brushed the carpet, and he settled down on the yoga Mat.

“yogaforlife #yogaforever (yogda for life, yoga always)”, — he left a few hashtags under the photo.

Fans appreciated the flexibility of Yuri, and noted that he looks athletic and fit. They suggested the showman that asana should be done with eyes closed.

  • Well done
  • Mayzhe all gorit in a couple minutes
  • Class
  • Yuri should do it with your eyes closed
  • Getting ready for dances? USPHS
  • Oh, yogi
  • Long the yoga?