Yuri Nazarov proposed to attract IT specialists to resolve problems with traffic and Parking in…

Юрий Назаров предложил привлекать IT-специалистов для решения проблем с пробками и парковками в...

30 September-1 October in Kiev passed the Uber Smart Mobility Hackathon. It took place in the KYIV 2019 SMART CITY FORUM, which was organized by representatives of the city authorities and the city of KYIV SMART CITY initiatives. The main event of the hackathon was a competition between Ukrainian IT-specialists for the prize of 5 thousand dollars from the company Uber. The aim of this competition was to develop proposals to solve the problem of excessive traffic in Kiev.

According to the Director of the Department of information and communication technologies KGGA Yury Nazarov, who was in the jury, Kiev will continue to support such hackathons because they help you to find the best it solutions and to bring the best ideas to create useful e-services in the city. He also added that the proposals of the participants in this competition will improve the urban transport system in Kiev.

I am glad that the Ukrainian it community, which is among the strongest in the world, involved in the development of intelligent transport solutions. This area is one of the priorities for the capital, so we are willing to consider the ideas of the participants in the hackathon and look forward to the initiatives of developers who will help us make the urban transport system perfect”, noted Yuri Nazarov.

In total, the competition involved 12 teams for 30 hours has developed technological solutions based on traffic data provided by Uber. Participants were asked to propose innovative approaches to solve problems with traffic jams, lack of Parking and air pollution in Kiev. The participants were assessed on the following criteria: feasibility, manufacturability, completeness and compatibility with the existing solution, design solutions, presentation of the project. In the end, the winner was the team No. 5 (Aleksei Dubok, Vladislav Tkachuk, Andrei zelenetsk, Anna Kuzmenko, Artem Kuzmenko), which presented the project of finding the optimal coordinates for place of residence, based on the regular movement of the citizen (office, school, hospital, etc.). The awards ceremony took place on the main stage of Kyiv Smart City Forum 2019.

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