Yury Gorbunov told how her son

Popular Ukrainian TV presenter Yury Gorbunov tries as possible to spend more time with his beloved family — wife Katya Osadchaya and two year old son Ivan. While star parents prefer not to show the baby’s face and all the photos and videos online he is shown from the back — as, for example, in the charming video in which the child “plays” the piano. As said the lead in the interview to “KP in Ukraine”, they believe that the son himself would have to decide whether he wants to be public.

Юрий Горбунов рассказал, как воспитывает сына

“Why? He decides. We he can’t ask permission. And that, I think, an intimate part of family life,” — said Gorbunov.

He also shared that he is glad that he became a father in the not very young age (now showman 49 years — approx. ed.).

“Perhaps it is because I was at that age became Pope, not 17, not 19, and when so-called conscious fatherhood. And I am very glad that this is so. When you’re young, you have a lot of some parallel cases, and children grow in parallel. And now appreciate every evening, every morning spent with my son. When he snuggles to me, if we exchange energies. It is very difficult to explain in words,” says Yuri.

He also told about the upbringing of your child. The presenter frankly admitted that spoils the child.

“I spoil him. Yeah, there must be discipline, but there is a nanny, this is my mom. Daddy in order to spoil,” — said Gorbunov.

However, he noted that they have Osadchaya, there is little difference in the methods of education and they “are both Musi-pusi” and her son.

“He and dad’s, and mom’s. When mom says “dad is here” and he screams “daddy” and runs up to me, pressed, then, of course, my father’s son” — says the proud father.

In travel they usually take a babysitter.

“We take with us and the nurse to rest is not turned into neoteh. But I can’t say that we have some separation. Katie better get him put to sleep. But with me he wants to play more, to run, so when Ivan placed, sending me into the other room. But on the Playground he goes for a walk with dad. In General, children with babysitters more disciplined. They have an order, and the kids understand. And mom and dad — this is frivolity,” — said the head of the family.

According to the showman, fatherhood changed him.

“I’ve changed. When I have free evening, wanna spend it with a child, and not, as before, we could — and get out there and come here. Now the child comes first. Sometimes even go to the movies with Katya when Ivan goes to bed, so as not to waste time when you can spend time with him. We are all trying to do threesomes,” admitted Yuri.