Zablocki: the Forest can not cope with the elements of mountain rivers

Заблоцкий: Лес не может справиться со стихией горных рек

Floods in the Carpathians caused by natural factors and forest is not able to cope with this element, although it may keep a certain amount of precipitation.

“The forest can hold a certain amount of rainfall, but not in such quantities, what we are seeing now in the Carpathians. Let’s get into the numbers — the average rainfall in Ivano-Frankivsk region amounted to about 2.8 billion cubic meters, and the forest could possible absorb about 200-250 million cubic meters Is only 10% of total precipitation. Therefore, the forest can not cope with the elements of mountain rivers. The forest is not a dam to prevent floods and hold such quantity and force of water. Therefore, the statements that cause floods are felling is a manipulation and populism” — this was stated by Chairman of the State forest resources Agency, Andrei Zablotskiy, the press service of the SFA.

He noted that in recent years logging has been much less. But this information is not beneficial to those who systematically distributes fakes on the activities of SFA.

“For example, if to compare with last year, the volume of timber has decreased by 17%. This is due to the gradual transition from the solid to the gradual types of logs. So, for 5 months of the year in the Chernivtsi region, the number of cuttings was reduced by 41 thousand cubic meters compared to the same period last year. In Transcarpathia 51 thousand cubic meters, while in Ivano-Frankivsk region on the 75.7 thousand cubic meters. In total, over the last 5 years the volume of timber in the Carpathian region decreased by 20% (from 4.2 million cubic meters in 2015 to 3.3 million cu/m in 2019),” — said the head of Department.

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According to the Chairman of SFA, now not only Ukraine but the whole Europe is suffering from massive floods caused by heavy rains. Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Czech Republic suffered from the elements. This despite the fact that in Europe there are much fewer restrictions on logging. The figures in Ukraine for 44.8% of the forests there are restrictions on logging, whereas in the Czech Republic — 4.9%, Poland 8.5%, Latvia 9.7% ,Hungary -13.6%, Austria — 15.7%.

“But in these countries no one argues that logging is the cause of floods”, — concluded the expert

He stressed that the problem of illegal logging exist, but to overcome what was building years, it is impossible for 5 months.

“However, there is a positive trend. If in 2016 the volume of illegal logging in the Carpathian region was 12 thousand cubic meters, in 2019 — 3.6 thousand cubic meters. But further progress depends on the adoption of a law, which would regulate the issue of certification of forest products to eradicate the demand for illegally harvested wood. We have already prepared, now it is on consideration in profile Committee of the Verkhovna Rada”, — said the head of SFA.

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According to the scientists, Institute of ecology of the Carpathians, Institute of mountain forestry and Lviv national forestry University — causes of floods are: the cyclical fluctuations of low and high water content; the density of the river network. Only in Ivano-Frankivsk region is almost 8.5 thousand rivers. In this area since 1955 was about 70 floods. Only in the Carpathians, flows up to 28 thousand small rivers, of which 18 thousand on the Northern slope, 10 thousand on the southern slope. The Carpathian rivers belong to the rivers with flood regime.

One of the main factors, according to experts and scientists, is the destruction of floodplains. First, reclamation and dredging, and then building and plowing. If the place where water went during floods for thousands of years, destroyed, then where did she go?

In this connection, the role of forestry — is not a decisive factor that affects the level of the flood, said the experts.

The main causes of floods — excessive rainfall. As shown in the data gidrometeorologiya and meteostation, in the mountains the amount of precipitation in Ivano-Frankivsk region during floods in excess of 300 mm.

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Forest stands with zero soil moisture can absorb up to 135-140 mm of precipitation, or as they say in the mountains “one El 1 ton of water.” Given that the previous rains, the soil humidity rises to 80-90%, forest potentially can absorb all the rainfall.

At the same time, scientists have noticed, there are a number of factors that can raise vodopoglashchenie the role of forests. Among them, the volume of forest management, the species composition of forests. Water regulating role of coniferous forests, especially spruce, two times less than beech.

“The analysis of the amount of logging shows that indeed until 1960, the amount of logging in the Carpathian mountains in two, and even three times higher than the allowable cut, dramatically increased the area of the meadows. Since the 70-ies of the extensive felling of planted forest. Since 1990, exceeding the allowable cut was not, and the area of the creation of forests on the average on 10% exceeds the area of log homes, and our businesses have enough planting material to salesite. The increase of forest area is the main priority of the Ministry”, — reported in the state forestry Agency.