Zarya was suspected of fraud for mandatory tests COVID-19 before the championship matches

"Зарю" заподозрили в фальсификации проведения обязательных тестов на COVID-19 перед матчами чемпионата

Zarya – Kolos

Lugansk “dawn” on its official website responded to the information in the media about the fact that the club does not comply with the required procedure tests for the coronavirus.

“On may 28, the team passed the first test for the coronavirus, what are the appropriate documents. According to all the recommendations the team has two weeks to pass the next test.

However, the football club “Zarya”, it was decided to perform additional testing through the rapid test, as was reported on the official website on Thursday 4 June. Relevant documents are also available.

Next PCR is scheduled on Tuesday, June 9, in preparation for the game with Dynamo Kyiv.

Football club Zorya is doing everything according to the recommendations of the Ministry of health and timely testing of players for football matches,” reads the statement.

Previously, “dawn” published the photos of the test for the coronavirus. The club said that all the tests, players and staff of the Luhansk club – negative. However, the “dawn” did not specify that this result was obtained through PCR testing, which requires a medical Protocol of the Ministry of health of Ukraine and Ukrainian Association football (UAF).

The photo shows how players are tested using rapid tests. Photos where we can see how the players pass the approved medical Protocol PCR testing, no.

"Зарю" заподозрили в фальсификации проведения обязательных тестов на COVID-19 перед матчами чемпионата

“Dawn” delivers rapid tests for coronavirus

This fact aroused suspicion in violation of the “Dawn” of Protocol security, because of what it threatened sanctions, including the loss of points.

In turn, the head of the Sports medical Committee of the UAF Vyacheslav Popov in an interview commented on the statement of Luhansk on passing the first test for the coronavirus may 28.

Popov said that in late may, the representatives of the Luhansk club was tested for immunoglobulin, and PCR testing they had to pass before yesterday’s match with “Ear” (1:0).

“Is brewing a scandal because they had to do not the test on 28 may. Then they had to do PCR testing, and made to immunoglobulin,” – said the head of the Committee.

Popov noted that the decision to hold the match Zarya – Kolos had to initiate the delegate of the match.

“There must be a delegate to decide. He communicates with the leadership of the UAF in relation to the decision on the match. And the Association has already taken the decision because of state documents.

The delegate of the match 90 minutes before the game is filled with doctors from both teams in a special form, which developed the (medical) Committee: it specifies the entire team, the temperature of each in game day, the date of the PCR samples and the result (negative or positive).

Because what was in the “Dawn”, think that is their first and last test. They must do what is required by the documents of the UAF and the government. A document that says the doctor club, is the legal basis, and if you check the existence of fraud, it is subject to legal liability, including prison for a certain period”, – said Popov.