Zelensky announced, when will be able to open the land market

On March 5, in Poltava region during a meeting with representatives of the local business President Vladimir Zelensky said that the opening of a land market in Ukraine will be held after the adoption of the relevant law and the preparation of all inventories.

Зеленский озвучил, когда сможет открыться рынок земли

He stated this on Thursday at the meeting, reported on the website of the President.

“The land market may open in October, if the law is passed. If you have inventory ready, digitized, then it will open,” said the President.

The head of state noted that land reform will necessarily be completed. According to him, the draft land law proposes more than 4 thousand amendments due to the fact that it’s beneficial to someone and they want to delay the process.

Zelenski also said that after the Parliament adopts a law, the land will rise in price.

On February 5, 4018 of the amendments, the Parliament considered 3017.