Zelensky emotionally talked with the miners: video

Vladimir Zelensky said that, in those situations when he set new challenges, he feels like a trained dog.

He said this at the national meeting of workers of the coal industry in the House of trade Unions — reports Hvilya.

Зеленский эмоционально пообщался с шахтерами: видео

So, during the meeting there was a skirmish between a man and a woman who will be the first to ask questions that Zelensky immediately responded.

“When we start to respect each other, then they will respect our country … I am a serious person, you, too,” said Zelensky.

The woman began to resent the fact that in the mines of Ukraine there is no adequate equipment.

“I understand that you need to say, but, second, I’m on the case. I when set a task I — like a trained dog,” he said.

He also added that all the information will give law enforcement agencies who will have to deal with her.