Zelensky explained why Ukraine IMF tranche

The President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky assured that it is not considering the possibility of declaring the country in default.

Зеленский объяснил, зачем Украине транш МВФ

This was reported by the portal “Hvilya” with reference to words of the head of state said in a live TV show “Freedom of speech Savik Shuster”.

Vladimir Zelensky said that Ukraine continues negotiations with the International Monetary Fund and expects to receive another tranche in the near future. The President compared the country with a man who can live without water for a week, but it doesn’t make sense.

According to Zelensky, there is absolutely no reason to risk the domestic economy, and because it is not necessary to bring the situation to default. The head of state said that Ukraine faced serious challenges, and there is no need to involve the country in another experiment.

“If it was a different time, we could discuss, it is beneficial to us, is unprofitable. Now it is like blood to the human body,” said Zelensky, focusing on the fact that Ukraine in the current situation, crucial financial support from Western partners.

The Ukrainian President recalled the agreement with the IMF that the country will be allocated a minimum of eight billion dollars. When you consider the funds that Ukraine will receive from the world Bank, the total amount of subsidies will amount to about ten billion U.S. dollars.

The President also explained that is in constant communication with the leaders of other countries, calling in particular, Azerbaijan, the UAE, Canada and Germany, expressing gratitude to the Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel. Many Western partners of Ukraine, according to Zelensky, expressed willingness to help the country in difficult times, so that Ukraine will not remain without money. In addition, Vladimir Zelensky reminded that all external creditors, including the US, are locked into a single signal. This signal is the common Memorandum with the IMF.