Zelensky intends to raise salaries to physicians

From September 1, 2020, the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky intends to increase the salaries of the physicians working in institutions of secondary level, where patients provide specialized medical care.

Зеленский намерен повысить зарплаты медикам

As the Wave passes, this reports the press service of the President.

“Healthcare reform has not worked for doctors of the second link. Their meager salaries. Until you earn a new payroll system in 2021, we will implement an interim solution”, – said Zelensky.

In the President’s Office also said that to increase the salaries of the state is prepared monthly to allocate more than two billion hryvnia, which will allow to increase payments to doctors second level to 70% of their tariff rates, nurses, and orderlies at 50% and 25% of the minimum wage respectively.

It is noted that the rate of doctor-surgeon is a premium of about seven thousand UAH, and after the increase it will be about 10.5 thousand UAH. In that case, if the formula is agreed upon, then the wages of nurses will rise to more than 7 thousand UAH, and the younger closer to 6 thousand UAH.