Zelensky is trying to entertain the audience, even when talking about the defence sector of the country

Зеленский пытается веселить публику, даже когда говорит об оборонном секторе страны

President Vladimir Zelensky confused the words “concern” and “concert”.

During a press conference in Kharkiv, reading from the paper theses problems in the “Ukroboronprom”, he managed twice to mix up the words.

Instead of “state concern Ukroboronprom” he said, “the concert Ukroboronprom”.

Could be attributed to the clause, however, in the summer meeting of the National Council for anti-corruption policy it is also called “Ukroboronprom” a “concert.”

At the Kharkov forums actively discussing this confusion.

Users claim that the President three times, said “Ukroboronprom” concert.

This Kharkiv even found an explanation of a joke justifying the words of the head of state that “Ukroboronprom” loves “to perform”.

Still, the concert is a public performance of music, ballet and variety, and the group is a financial-industrial group of companies in various industries.