Zelensky laugh Ukrainians: the social network discussing his eating halva

Зеленский насмешил украинцев: соцсети обсуждают его поедание халвы

As it became known that Vladimir Zelensky was again in slight embarrassment, when he was on a visit in Mariupol

So, on October 29, Vladimir Zelensky attended the international forum RE:THINK. Invest in Ukraine, which is traditionally held in Mariupol. It is worth noting that the President is very friendly met and even managed to feed.

The company President was also Prime Minister of Ukraine Alexey Goncharuk. After the official ceremony Vladimir Zelensky met with representatives of the local business that treated the President halva and yogurt.

Businessmen told about their projects and gave Vladimir Zelensky halva in small cups. As noted by the producers, this new pilot project, called cream, halva, so it is served in cups and it is necessary to eat with a spoon.

The President of Ukraine noted that this halva is very tasty and it can be produced in large quantities. Zelensky also asked how many plan to run different flavors. After all, he was given to try just taste of vanilla. But to start this project with different flavors would be much more interesting for consumers. Because not all love vanilla flavor.

Another delicacy that I tried Vladimir Zelensky is goat cheese and yogurt from goat’s milk.

“Bomb!” – the President praised the products of local farmers. After a conversation with the producer, he asked members of his delegation, is it possible to find funds for the development of this business.